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SchemaBlocks Design Principles

Mission Statement

SchemaBlocks aims to translate the work of the workstreams into data models that:

  • Are usable by other internal GA4GH deliverables, such as the Beacon API.
  • Are usable by Driver Projects as an exchange format.
  • Aid in aligning the work streams across GA4GH.
  • Do not create a hindrance in development work by other work streams.

{S}[B] Status Levels

SchemaBlocks schemas ("blocks") provide blueprints for consensus schemas which help with the development of code based "products" throughout the GA4GH ecosystem. We use a labeling system for those schemas, to provide transparency about the level of support those schemas have from {S}[B] participants and observers.

New 2022-06-15: We have simplified the labeling by dropping the implemented and proposed levels which were somewhat redundant with community.

  • core
    • a schema block with recommended use
    • stable through minor version changes
    • has to be used in at least 2 standards/products approved by the GA4GH Steering Committee
  • community
    • reserved for schemas from GA4GH community contributors which are used in production (i.e. not individual ideas or concepts)
    • can serve as use-case based demonstrators and inspire GA44GH project modifications
    • the code may undergo considerable maturation
    • contributions and discussions are encouraged
  • playground
    • early development or import stage, of any quality
    • no recommendation; existence does not mean any current or future {S}[B] support