SchemaBlocks Repositories

The SchemaBlocks Github organisation contains several specifically scoped repositories. Please use the relevant Github Issues to and/or GH pull requests comment and contribute there.

{S}[B] Tool & Web Repositories


{S}[B] Code Repositories

{S}[B] code repositories adhere a consistent structure & naming:

sb-code           # each of the code repositories
  |- source       # original code
  |- working      # for editing, temporary...
  |- schemas      # JSON Schema files as YAML; read to produce the output files
  |- generated    # contains files generated from main schema YAML files
      |- json     # .json version of the schema
      |- examples # .json example data, from inline examples
      |- doc      # .md documentation, from inline documentation

The structure of the code repositories is a pre-requisite for the parsing of the schema files. Please refer to the documentation in the tools repository.



TODO: “implementation repositories”

In the future we may switch to a project-specific structure, where the donor schemas (e.g. Phenopackets, Beacon …) and the derived {S}[B] versions are represented in individual repositories.

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