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Properties of the Age class

Property Type Format Description
age string The age as ISO8601 string.
age_class The age of the subject (e.g. individual at the onset of a phenotype), as Ontology_class. Corresponding to the use of "age of onset" in HPO.
age_range array string The age as an array of 1 or 2 ordered ISO8601 strings. This can be used either for a specific age or to express a known age range - e.g. the minimum and maximum age of patients included in a study. The format corresponds to the general "Range" type in FHIR.


Age of the individual/subject at a specified time point or event. Use cases her could be e.g. the use for “onset” of a disease or phenotype, or the age of the individual at the collection of a biosample.


   "onset" : {
      "age" : "P12Y",
      "age_class" : {
         "id" : "HP:0003621",
         "label" : "Juvenile onset"
   "age_at_collection" : {
      "age" : "P56Y3M"

Notes and examples on the Age properties

'age' : "P12Y"
'age_class' : {
  'label' => 'Juvenile onset',
  'id' => 'HP:0003621'
'age_range' : [
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