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Properties of the Geo_location class

Property Type Format Description
altitude number float height in meters above the WGS 84 reference ellipsoid; optional
city string The optional name of the city the point location maps to. While this is a commonly used attribute and can save as sanity check for interpreting the point location, it should be considered secondary to the location values in interpreting the geographic location.
country string The optional name of the country the location maps to, for sanity checks and procedural convenience (see notes for "city").
label string A text representation, preferably using standard geographic identification elements, of the corresponding latitude, longitude(, altitude). This representation serves the purposes to - capture standard data entry parameters - provide a sanity check for latitude,longitude values
latitude number float signed decimal degrees (North, relative to Equator)
longitude number float signed decimal degrees (East, relative to IERS Reference Meridian)
precision string Used together with coordinate annotation, precision represents an optional label describing the precision that can be inferred from the coordinates. For a precision level of "city"", coordinates would have to be interpreted as representing any possible location within the city's administrative boundaries, not necessarily at the exact position of the point coordinates.


Geo_location provides information about a geographic position related to a record. Examples could be:

The geographic point object uses the default units from the DCMI point scheme and avoids optional representation in non-standard units.


   "altitude" : 8848,
   "city" : "Timisoara",
   "country" : "Romania",
   "label" : "Str Marasesti 5, 300077 Timisoara, Romania",
   "latitude" : 47.37,
   "longitude" : 8.54
   "label" : "Office at Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich",
   "latitude" : 47.39792,
   "longitude" : 8.54913,
   "precision" : "room"

Notes and examples on the Geo_location properties

'altitude' : "8848"
'city' : "Timisoara"
'country' : "Romania"
'label' : "Str Marasesti 5, 300077 Timisoara, Romania"
'latitude' : "47.37"
'longitude' : "8.54"
'precision' : "address"
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