The original schema definitions are provided in the YAML file.

Properties of the Ontology_term class

Property Type Format Description
id string properly prefixed CURIE of the ontology term
label string the text label associated with the term

Ontology_term represents the core object used to reference domain-specific entities, as well as to identify their domains through the appropriate prefix. CURIES are case sensitive, although for prefixes this practice is inconsistently followed.


   "id" : "DUO:0000004",
   "label" : "no restriction"
   "label" : "Juvenile onset",
   "id" : "HP:0003621"
   "id" : "ncit:C3058",
   "label" : "Glioblastoma"

Notes and examples on the Ontology_term properties

'id' : "ncit:C8294"
'label' : "Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma"
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