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Type: object
Description: Many of the defined elements in a resource are references to other resources. Using these references, the resources combine to build a web of information.


Property Type
description string
id string


Free text about the external reference

description Value Examples
"Cellosaurus cell line identifier"
"Integrative genome-wide expression profiling identifies three distinct molecular subgroups of renal cell carcinoma with different patient outcome. Beleut M, Zimmermann P, Baudis M, Bruni N, Buehlmann P, Laule O, Luu VD, Gruissem W, Schraml P, Moch H. BMC Cancer 12, 2012"


Identifer of the external reference. The format should be in the form of a URI (CURIE or URL recommended).

id Value Examples

ExternalReference Value Examples

   "description" : "Cellosaurus cell line identifier",
   "id" : "cellosaurus:CVCL_0312"
   "description" : "Heterozygous Fbn1 C1039G mutation. Judge DP, et al. Evidence for a critical contribution of haploinsufficiency in the complex pathogenesis of Marfan syndrome. J Clin Invest. 2004;114(2):172-81.",
   "id" : "PMID:15254584"