Resource sb-phenopackets

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Source (v1.0.0)


Type: object
Description: Description of an external resource used for referencing an object. For example the resource may be an ontology such as the HPO or SNOMED. FHIR mapping: CodeSystem (


Property Type
id string
iriPrefix string
name string
namespacePrefix string
url string
version string


for OBO Ontologies, the value of this string MUST always be the official OBO ID, which is always equivalent to the ID prefix in lower case. Examples: hp, go, mp, mondo Consult for a complete list For other ontologies (e.g. SNOMED), use the prefix in

id Value Example


Full IRI prefix which can be used with the namespacePrefix and the OntologyClass::id to resolve to an IRI for a term. Tools such as the curie-util ( can utilise this to produce fully-resolvable IRIs for an OntologyClass. e.g. Using the HPO term encoding the concept of ‘Severe’ OntologyClass: id: ‘HP:0012828’ label: ‘Severe’ Resource: namespacePrefix: ‘HP’ iriPrefix: ‘’ the term can be resolved to

iriPrefix Value Example


for OBO Ontologies, the value of this string SHOULD be the same as the title field on however, this field is purely for information purposes and software should not encode any assumptions

name Value Example
"The Human Phenotype Ontology"


The prefix used in the CURIE of an OntologyClass e.g. HP, MP, ECO For example an HPO term will have a CURIE like this - HP:0012828 which should be used in combination with he iriPrefix to form a fully-resolvable IRI

namespacePrefix Value Example


For OBO ontologies, this should always be the PURL

url Value Examples


for OBO ontologies, this should be the versionIRI

version Value Example

Resource Value Examples

   "id" : "pato",
   "name" : "PhenotypicFeature And Trait Ontology",
   "namespacePrefix" : "PATO",
   "url" : "",
   "version" : "2018-03-28"
   "id" : "efo",
   "name" : "Experimental Factor Ontology",
   "namespacePrefix" : "EFO",
   "url" : "",
   "version" : "2.97"
   "id" : "ncbitaxon",
   "name" : "NCBI organismal classification",
   "namespacePrefix" : "NCBITaxon",
   "url" : "",
   "version" : "2018-03-02"
   "id" : "hp",
   "iriPrefix" : "",
   "name" : "human phenotype ontology",
   "namespacePrefix" : "HP",
   "url" : "",
   "version" : "2018-03-08"