GA4GH SchemaBlocks Home

SchemaBlocks is a “cross-workstreams, cross-drivers” initiative to document GA4GH object standards and prototypes, as well as common data formats and semantics.

Launched in December 2018, this project is still to be considered a “community initiative”, with developing participation, leadership and governance structures. At its current stage, the documents can not be considered “authoritative GA4GH recommendations” but rather represent documentation and implementation examples provided by GA4GH members.

While future products and implementations may be completely based on SchemaBlocks components, this project does not attempt to develop a rigid, complete data schema but rather to provide the object vocabulary and semantics for a large range of developments.

The SchemaBlocks site can be accessed though the permanent link More information about the different products & formats can be found on the workstream sites. For reference, some of the original information about recommended formats and object hierarchies is kept in the GA4GH Metadata repositories.

For more information on GA4GH, please visit the GA4GH Website.

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