{S}[B] Schema Blocks

This page lists (some of the) schemas and schema components from within the GA4GH ecosystem according to their status levels. Emphasis here is to be "instructive" without claims to represent the current or detailed status - please follow the links to the original projects for details.

Status: core

DUO - DataUseLimitation

The Data Use Limitation is a component of the GA4GH DUO standard and used to describe limitations in the ways data items can be re-used.

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DUO - DataUseModifier

The Data Use Modifier is a component of the GA4GH DUO standard and used as optional refinement of the limitations defined in DataUseLimitation.

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GA4GH - Checksum

The Checksum standard provides a simple schema for defining a checksum value together with a default type.

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Phenopackets - OntologyClass

OntologyClass is an essential core core elementin GA4GH schemas. It essentially defines the standard way to terms or classes by their id - which should be a CURIE - and optionally a label for informative purposes.

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VRS - ChromosomeLocation

A ChromosomeLocation is a schema used to represent a single or a range of cytogenetic bands.

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A CURIE is a W3C Compact URI formatted string. It has the structure prefix:reference, as defined by the W3C syntax.

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Status: community

Beacon - FilteringTerm

The FilteringTerm is a core concept of the Beacon information exchange concepts. Since Beacon v2 FilteringTerm objects can be a part of Beacon requests and allow the limitation of Beacon responses through the application of biological or technical parameters. Additionally, the /filtering_terms endpoint allows Beacon resources to expose parameters of their data entities.

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Phenopackets - Age

The age of a subject (e.g. of a patient at the time of diagnosis) can be described using the ISO8601 "duration" concept.

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Phenopackets - KaryotypicSex

The karyotypic sex is a widely used concept in medical genetics, referring to the composition of the sex chromosomes in the germline of an individual, irrespective of their phenotypic sex or gender.

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Status: playground

Progenetix - GeoLocation

A GeoLocation object is a geographic location formatted as a GeoJSON feature. The format is compatible with RFC 7946, while currently limiting its scope to features of type "Point". Also, the schema defines some optional parameters compatible with the GeoJSON feature properties wrapper object.

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