DUO - DataUseModifier

The Data Use Modifier is a component of the GA4GH DUO standard and used as optional refinement of the limitations defined in DataUseLimitation.

{S}[B] Contributors

Schema Overview1

title: DataUseModifier
description: >-
  The (GA4GH) Data Use Ontology (DUO) includes terms describing data use conditions,
  particularly for research data in the health/clinical/biomedical domain.
  Modifier specifies the criteria for data use condition.
type: object
    type: string
    description: >-
      text description of the modifier eg. date rage, geographic location, user/institute (RI)
    $ref: https://beta.schemablocks.org/schemas/json/phenopackets/OntologyClass.json
    description: ontology describing the modifier/restriction
  - required:
      - text
  - required:
      - ontology
additionalProperties: false
  - ontology:
      id: MONDO:0004992
      label: cancer
  - text: UK

  1. Please note that the schema here is provided for illustration purposes, may represent an approximation and possibly excludes technical components of a proper JSON Schema format.